The Walking Dead: Season 1 and the coming of Season 2, Episode 2 -“A House Divided”

Being a fan of the series I was curious to see they would include in the game, weather the game would follow the story line of the series. It turned out to be better than what I had expected. I loved the art style. The game consists of five episodes and takes place in the same fictional world as the comic/series, with events occurring shortly after the zombie apocalypse in Georgia. The game focused on character development, so every division you make would have its own outcome. It was fun to compare my friends choices and see where that lead their story and characters. I love adventure games and this felt really intense to play, you really feel for little Clementine and look out for her and her survival. There are a few parts of the game where you have a limited time to respond to questions or make valuable discussions that shape Clementine and other characters path through the game.


Here is a review for The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 2 -“A House Divided” I certainly can’t wait to play it!


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