Digital Revolution @ the Barbican


Paid a visit to the the exhibition on at the Barbican Digital Revolution yesterday evening straight after work (as the Barbican is open till 10pm on Thursdays) what a fantastic exhibition.Lots of old skool geeky-ness and interactive fun yo be had. 3 rooms filled with all things Digital.


Altair 8800 Computer


Amazing interactive art that you can’t help but take part in. Beautiful visuals and audio. A break down of how they filmed Gravity on a nicely set up corner screen.


So good I think I will be going again, to spend more time geeking out. Arrived at 8.15 and stayed till they closed…still didn’t feel like we spent much time in there at all. I guess the flys when your having fun.

Defiantly worth checking out its on till the 14th September 2014.

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