Ahoy! Espacio Gallery

Private Viewing on opening night was filled with illustrative imaginings of all the mysteries and wonder of the deep.  Great opportunity to chart to the artists and purchase art that took your fancy.  The exhibition set up to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the disappearance of the USS Wasp in the Bermuda Triangle by Drawn Chorus Collective.



I fell in love with a particular set of illustrations of cool robots in mists of battling a creature from the depths of the sea by Fredrik Eden.  

2014-08-28 21.25.27


Lord Lazer Cyborg VS Über Tentacle Menace


2014-08-28 21.45.08

I was luckily enough to bump into Fredrik at the tills as he was helping out at the counter.   I couldn’t miss a photo opportunity. Such a lovely guy. I picked his favourite print :-)

30 illustrators under the sea:

Abigail Moulder,  Adam Alexander Clague,  Alex Moore,
Amber Cooper-Davies,  Amy Johnson,  Anette Fernando,
Ben Hendy,  Cathy Kwan,  Chantal El-Bikai,  Charlotte Wosiek,
Daniel Duncan,  Edward Moulder,  Eileen Kwan,  Emily Abeydeera,
Emma Kidd,  Eva Segou,  Fernanda Casterjon,  Fred Campbell,
Fredrik Eden,  Hector Lloyd,  Jessica Lucia Townson,
Johanna Walderdorff,  Katie Markwick,  Nadine Scherer,
Martin Ursell,  Michael O’Brien,  Phil Shaw,  Susan Light,
Tom Cert,  Zanna Allen

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